Investment Thesis

Our Thesis is Simple

  1. Fund strong founding team with low initial burn
  2. Strong Founding Team

We prefer startups with at least two Co-Founders, with one being a Technical Founder. We want to see:

Your ability to get going, solve problems, be a self-starter, and inspiring other to join your mission.

Your deep domain knowledge, skills, or experiences that will let you stand out and will form the foundation of your company’s competitive advantage.

You take a hundred rejections and still keep going. Challenges and rejections fuel your energy level, not deplete them. You’ll find that window when the door closes, even if you have to move heaven-and-earth to do that.

Controlled Initial Burn
We seek startups with low initial capital requirements that are able to stretch our investment for 6 – 9 months. While each startup is going to be different, we seek startups whose journey can somewhat resemble the trimesters on the right.

Months 01 – 03
Product Development.

Months 03 – 06
MVP Ready. First Customer Secured.

Months 06 – 09
Raise Seed Round.

We Back Founders Holistically
Because success need more than just investment dollars.

Initial Investment up to $250,000 as early as the pitch-deck stage.

Fully managed accounting and backoffice to leave you clear to focus on product development and customer acquisition.

Ongoing strategy and coaching sessions to best align your initial runway to position you for success in raising your Seed round.

Office space in our offices in Gastown, Vancouver if needed.

Seed or Bust
We Don’t Want Good Founders Getting Stuck With Bad Ideas.

Our Stance on Failing
We’d rather you didn’t fail. But if you must, we’d also rather that you fail fast, learn from it, and apply those learnings to something new.

We want you to win. We’re betting on it and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. There will be ups, there will be downs, and there will definitely be pivots. We want you to try your absolute darndest, and we’ll help any way we can.

Not Winning
But if despite your best efforts, the product fails to create a strong business case, we are OK for you to move on. We don’t want you to keep trying if the product is not finding traction but you feel pressured to continue as you’ve taken other people’s money.

Seed or Bust
By 9 months, either you have your seed round, or we go bust together. The last thing we want is good founders working on bad ideas. It’s bad for the ecosystem. You’re better off failing and trying a new idea that we could consider funding than clinging on to a zombie startup.