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CanExport SMEs Program

The CanExport SMEs program provides financial support for Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage in various non-travel and travel-related activities to expand into global markets.

CanExport SMEs is a funding initiative by the Government of Canada that supports Canadian SMEs aiming to grow internationally. The program, which is open for applications in the 2024 fiscal year, covers expenses related to market intelligence, intellectual property protection, legal and business advice, and participation in virtual and in-person trade events. To be eligible, companies must be profit-oriented, legally incorporated in Canada, and meet certain size and revenue criteria.

Key Points:

  • Financial support for Canadian SMEs to enter global markets.
  • Funding covers market research, IP protection, certification, legal advice, and trade event participation.
  • Eligibility criteria include being a for-profit entity, incorporation in Canada, having fewer than 500 employees, and earning $100,000 to $100 million in revenue.

CanExport SMEs, a program run by the Trade Commissioner Service, offers funding opportunities from February 29, 2024, to May 31, 2024, for projects starting April 1, 2024, or later. It aims to assist SMEs with costs associated with international expansion activities, including both non-travel (such as digital marketing and market research) and travel-related (such as trade missions and in-person trade shows) efforts. To apply, businesses must review the detailed applicant’s guide provided by the program, ensuring they meet all specified requirements like having an active business number with the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more detailed information and application guidelines, you can visit the official CanExport SMEs page.